Making Home in Co-living Spaces Around the World

Co-living spaces are rapidly gaining popularity worldwide and for all the right reasons. These spaces present numerous benefits to individuals who thrive in social environments, global nomads, travel enthusiasts, and anyone with an open mind towards shared living. Now, imagine travelling around the world and always having a place you can call ‘home’ in different corners of the globe. That’s the magic of co-living spaces. As a seasoned global trotter and co-living enthusiast, I’ve had the incredible privilege of experiencing the perks that come along with shared living spaces. I’ve met amazing people, built lasting friendships, and most importantly, I’ve grown to appreciate the value of community. These experiences have played an instrumental role in helping me see the world from a broader, multi-cultural perspective. So today, I want to enlighten you on how you can make a home in these co-living spaces, no matter where in the world you might be.

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In the Heart of the Action

When I escaped the dreary confines of my hometown for the colorful continents across the seas, I experienced first-hand the benefits of co-living in the heart of foreign cities. My initial stop was MoHo – a co-living and co-working space based in Chang Mai, Thailand. It not only provided a perfect place for productivity but offered the exciting hum of city life just footsteps away. I was able to immerse myself in the local culture, enjoy the city’s offerings and come back home to a supportive community after a day’s exploration.

A Broad Mix of People

In stark contrast to my hometown experiences – where my closest neighbors were fields of sunflowers and folks that I’d known since nursery school – co-living in different parts of the world allowed me to meet people from diverse backgrounds. I found fulfilling friendships in co-living spaces around the globe, like The Surf House in Cape Town, South Africa, whose occupants consisted of digital nomads, surf enthusiasts, creative freelancers and more. Together, we shared meals, stories and created lifelong memories that still make me smile.

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Affordable Luxury Living

As someone who’s always had a taste for the finer things in life, finding affordable luxury co-living spaces was a win. I discovered that in locations like Los Angeles or Singapore, where rents can skyrocket, co-living spaces provided a much-needed budget-friendly alternative. This balance of affordability and luxury was embodied in Common, a co-living space with properties in major US cities. Here, I was able to enjoy perks like concierge services, cleaning services, and elegantly furnished spaces – all while splitting the costs among the community members.

Community Living

The innate desire to connect with others is one thing that truly sets us apart as human beings. In co-living spaces, I was able to foster incredible connections, build a supportive network, and participate in interesting engagement activities. Each one that I’ve been part of, including the Roam Co-living spaces scattered across the globe, has their own set of community events that enhance the sense of togetherness.

Green and Sustainable Living

During my stay in Copenhagen at Dome of Visions, a sustainable co-living and co-working space, I learnt about the importance of environmental consciousness in modern living. It was incredible to be part of a community that handed me tangible ways to lead a more environmentally-friendly life such as shared transportation, waste reduction and energy efficiency.

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Wrapping Up

Co-living spaces have completely revolutionized the way we perceive ‘home’. They are a melting pot of cultures, experiences, and have the potential to instigate personal, as well as community growth. Whether it’s in bustling cities, serene coastal regions, or meticulously designed sustainable spaces, every co-living community has its unique appeal. As you embrace the co-living journey, remember, it’s not only about having a roof above your head, it’s about experiencing different cultures, creating everlasting bonds and of course, carrying a piece of each ‘home’ with you wherever you go. If you’re contemplating a global, nomadic lifestyle, I cannot recommend co-living enough. Happy travels!

Jon Mullen

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