Ten Myths About Digital Nomad Life, Busted

Hey there, fellow adventures and explorers! Being a digital nomad for over five years now, I’ve heard and debunked so many misconceptions about this lifestyle. Some of them even made me chuckle, while others made me shake my head. So, let’s break down ten myths about digital nomad life that I’ve heard over the years, shall we?

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Myth #1: Digital nomads are always on vacation

Ha! If only. Yes, we have the luxury to work from anywhere, but that doesn’t mean we’re always lounging by the beach with our laptops. That would make it nearly impossible to see laptop screens, and not to mention the dangers of getting sand into our devices. In reality, digital nomads are diligent and hard-working professionals. To make matters clear, check out this resource to know more about the typical day of a digital nomad.

Myth #2: It’s impossible to maintain relationships

This is one aspect in which the digital era is a godsend. With applications like Skype, Facebook, Whatsapp, and others, keeping in touch with your loved ones back home is never out of reach. Furthermore, this lifestyle offers you a portal to forge new friendships with people from different cultures and walks of life, which ultimately enriches your personal development and global perspective.

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Myth #3: Being a digital nomad is a loner’s job

It’s essential to clarify that being a digital nomad doesn’t always equate to being alone all the time. We attend co-working spaces, stay at hostels, and engage in social events. I’ll let you in on a secret: some of my most treasured friendships were formed during my digital nomad journey!

Myth #4: You must be a tech whiz

Not every digital nomad is a coding genius or a SEO master. In fact, there are digital nomads from all professional backgrounds. You’ll find teachers, writers, artists, marketers, psychologists, and more in the community. If you’re still skeptical about it, here’s a handy article that provides an array of jobs you can do remotely.

Myth #5: It’s all about living cheaply

Well, no. While some might choose to stay in budget accommodations or cheaper countries, many digital nomads value comfort and convenience, and are willing to splurge a bit more for that. Personally, I’ve strutted all across the cost spectrum during my travel journey.

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Myth #6: It’s a youngster’s game

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be a fresh-faced school leaver to embrace this lifestyle. Any adventuring soul with a thirst for travel and a remote job can become a digital nomad. Notably, the number of retired digital nomads is on the rise too!

Myth #7: You’re constantly changing location

Most digital nomads actually set down roots in one place for a few months before moving on. Packing up and moving every few days would be exhausting and work prohibiting. Even as a seasoned traveler, I love to dwell in places a bit longer to truly embrace their culture and lifestyle.

Myth #8: It’s all glamorous Instagram snaps

Those picture-perfect photos you see are just a fraction of the reality. Behind the scenes, there can be long hours, flight delays, language barriers, and occasional feelings of homesickness. Sure, the travel pictures look gorgeous, but there’s much more to that story.

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Myth #9: It’s an irresponsible career move

From my experience, being a digital nomad has allowed me to acquire a plethora of skills. These include cross-cultural communication, resourcefulness, resilience, and adaptability; all of which are highly sought-after in the traditional job market.

Myth #10: Digital Nomad life isn’t sustainable

Like any new way of doing things, becoming a digital nomad will have its challenges. Nevertheless, with the right strategies and a good dose of resilience, this lifestyle can be sustainable in the long-run. After all, I’ve managed to pull it off for more than five years now.


A life of travel, adventure, work, and meeting new people; that’s the essence of the digital nomad lifestyle. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, nor is it the doom and gloom that some myths might lead you to believe. It’s a unique path with its own set of rewards and challenges. So, my fellow digital nomads and the ones aspiring to be, ignore the myths and carve your own journey!

Jon Mullen

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