How to Stay Productive when Working from Home

As someone who has juggled both traditional office and home-based work, I’ve encountered multiple challenges – and rewards – when it comes to productivity. It’s surprising how much your surroundings can influence your efficiency and work output. Today, I’m going to share a few strategies I’ve found helpful for staying productive when working from home.

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Setting Up Your Workspace

At the very top of my list is setting up a designated workspace. You might think working from the comfort of your own bed sounds delightful – and I initially thought so, too. However, I quickly realized that my brain seemed to associate the bed more with sleep than work! The result was predictable; I found myself yawning much more frequently than typing. Since then, I’ve transformed a small corner of my apartment into a makeshift office. Even a simple desk and chair can make a world of difference in tricking your brain into ‘work mode’. I highly recommend this wonderful article by Forbes on tips to set up your home office efficiently

Effective Time Management

Time management is another key factor that enhances productivity when working from home. I was once a notorious procedural person, following a 9 to 5 schedule, but it didn’t quite work out as planned. The lack of strict office hours ended up in me frequently stretching my work late into the night! I learned the importance of mapping out a routine, including scheduling breaks in between work. Setting specific goals for each day and sticking to a clear deadline can help guide your work with a defined direction. This MindTools article provides an in-depth insight into effective time management techniques.

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Staying Active

The importance of staying active is something I initially underestimated. Back when I was commuting to work, I used to have regular walks from the station to my office, which served as a minor workout in itself. However, with home-based work, physical inactivity became an uncomfortable reality. So, I started incorporating light exercises and mini work breaks into my routine, which not only kept me active but also provided that short mental break needed to recharge. I found several apps with short, effective workouts perfect for these breaks; one of my favorites is Healthline.

Overcoming Distractions

The last challenge I’d like to touch on today is distractions. Confession time: there were days when I caught myself spending more time with my dog, Charlie, than I did on my laptop! Gradually, I had to learn to differentiate between useful breaks and destructive distractions. A tip I’ve found useful is to designate a ‘quiet time’, where I make a conscious effort to reduce distractions. I also use noise-cancelling headphones, which does wonders in providing a quiet working environment. If you’re interested, you can check out some recommended ones here.


In conclusion, navigating productivity while working from home can pose its challenges, but a few structured approaches can make it a rewarding experience. Whether it’s setting up a good workspace, efficient time management, staying active, or overcoming distractions, small changes can lead to robust productivity gains. Remember, every person’s needs and situations are unique, so it’s about finding what works for you and running with it. Happy working!

Jon Mullen

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