Embrace Cultural Diversity as A Traveling Professional

As a traveling professional, one of the most rewarding aspects of my journey is the opportunity to experience and embrace cultural diversity. Travelling offers a fantastic platform to transcend beyond our comfort zone. Recent studies suggest that empathy and understanding of others is significantly boosted the more one travels. Simply put, as a professional, when we explore and engage in different cultural heritages, customs, and worldviews, we not only educate ourselves but we grow professionally and personally

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Unfurling the Diversity Flag

One of the most unforgettable experiences I’ve had was during my business trip to Japan. However, besides business meetings and agendas, I was warmly welcomed into the heart of rich Japanese culture. I had the privilege of participating in their tea ceremonies, savored authentic sushi meals and experienced traditional Japanese hospitality. This exposure was not only intellectually stimulating but also extremely humanizing. In essence, cultural immersion doesn’t revolve solely around trying local foods or attending famous festivals. We can’t really say we’ve soaked in the diversity if we haven’t conversed with locals, learned about their values, experienced their lifestyle, and come to understand their worldview. Therefore, when we aim to grasp the underlying value of our travel destinations, we can truly enrich our experiences.

A Broader Perspective

More recently, I embarked on a journey to Cairo, Egypt. When I met locals who welcomed me despite our religious, language, and cultural differences, I realized that our shared ‘human’ experiences far outweigh our differences. Although their daily life seemed very different from mine on the surface, I found shared values at the core. This not only broadened my perspective but flatly debunked stereotypes that serve nothing but misunderstandings. The magnificent pyramids, the rich history, and the taste of their local dishes helped me tune into their rhythm of life and forge a global mindset, something every traveling professional benefits from greatly. Consequently, these experiences have compelled me to always bring back more than just souvenirs from a business trip, in the form of new ideas and unique perceptive.

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Improving Professional Relationships

Broadening our horizons as traveling professionals not only enriches us on a personal level but opens up avenues to create stronger professional relationships. Personally, I have found that understanding different cultural mores and customs can break down barriers and foster mutual respect. So, while we reap enriching personal experiences, we also cultivate better professional relationships. Years ago, during a business stay in rural India, I found contrary to my stereotypical understanding of developing countries, incredibly welcoming people, vibrant traditions, and a rich heritage. It impacted me both at a human and professional level. Later, as I interacted with my Indian counterparts at work, I now was more considerate and understanding, and we shared a newfound appreciation for each other.


When we traverse around the globe for work, we become global citizens. This gives us a unique responsibility and opportunity to appreciate a new culture, learning the nuances, decoding a language, relishing local food, and most importantly, understanding its people. Significantly, it is the people who shape cultures and their narrative portrays the real image of a country. If we take the initiative to comprehend these narratives, we can help foster not only a cosmopolitan work environment but also a more inclusive world. Ultimately, travel is not just about checking sites off a list or climbing the professional ladder, it is a road to self-discovery. and as professionals, let us strive to carry this fond appreciation for diversity – wherever we go.

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