Why Every Millennial Should Try Remote Work

Hello there, fellow millennials! Today, I’m diving into a topic that’s increasingly on everyone’s minds: remote work. Just a decade ago, the concept was relatively alien to most of us. To work from home or some far-off beach in Bali and still maintain a productive job seemed more like a fantasy than a realistic possibility. But now, it’s not just possible, it really works! I’ve been working remotely for over three years now, and I’d like to share a few reasons why every millennial should give it a shot.

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The Freedom to Work From Anywhere

As a perpetually restless millennial, I struggled with the forges of a 9-to-5 in-office job. Every day I ached to be elsewhere, anywhere but from the four walls of my cubicle. Consequently, the unlimited freedom that remote work offers was a breath of fresh air. I’ve spent the past few years working from inspiring locations around the world (Nomadic Matt shares an alluring glimpse into his journey), from city rooftops to quiet beachside cafes, and this exciting change of pace has boosted my creativity and productivity. You can live and work wherever you want, and the range of experiences you gain are priceless!

Flexibility and Work-Life Balance

Beyond geography, remote work provides unrivaled flexibility. Given the digital nature of our jobs, all we need is Wi-Fi and a laptop. You can work during the hours that suit you best. Not a morning person? Start your workday in the afternoon. Have a personal commitment in the middle of the day? No problem. This flexibility offers a healthier work-life balance, something that our previous generations craved desperately.

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Fraught Commutes: A Thing of the Past

Let’s not forget about the commute. Before I started remote work, I was spending nearly two hours every day commuting to work. Not only was it draining, but it also wasted valuable time. However, with remote work, my commute was reduced to zero. And much like experts from BBC Worklife stress, it’s essential for us to prioritize and reclaim this precious time.

Personal Productivity

It might surprise you, but remote work can actually make you more productive. In my personal experience, I’ve found it easier to concentrate while working remotely. There are less interruptions and distractions that would normally occur in an office setting. You can find your ideal working conditions and stick on at your own pace. Of course, this requires self-discipline, but once you have that under control, the sky really is the limit.

Lasting Financial Savings

Another key benefit of remote work is the amount of money you save. No daily commuting costs, no need to shell out money for lunch, and no expensive work wardrobe. Plus, the lower overhead costs for your employer could translate into higher pay for you. For a generation that’s plagued with student loan debt and rising living costs, any opportunity to save is not just advisable, it’s necessary!

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Changing Professional Climate

The professional world is experiencing a seismic shift and remote work is its leading edge. More and more organizations, including leading firms like Facebook and Twitter, are adopting remote work policies. As millennials, we have an opportunity to stay ahead of the curve by embracing this trend right now. While remote work may not be for everyone and it certainly has its fair share of challenges, the potential benefits are overwhelming. Most importantly, it provides millennials, who value autonomy and flexibility, with the freedom to redefine our professional lives. So why not give remote work a shot? It’s a risk I’m glad I took, and one that I can confidently recommend.

Jon Mullen

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