Top 7 Nomadic Communities to Join in 2024

If you’re someone who’s been bitten by the wanderlust bug, you know that the call of the open road isn’t just a passing feeling; it’s a way of life. As we stride further into the 21st century, the concept of community has evolved. Moreover, with the rise of remote work and digital nomadism, there’s never been a better time to embrace the nomadic lifestyle. Now, speaking from personal experience, diving into the nomadic lifestyle can be as intimidating as it is exciting, but thankfully, there are communities out there that make the transition smoother than my last attempt at surfing in Bali (spoiler: I swallowed more sea water than I care to admit). So, let’s explore the top 7 nomadic communities to join in 2024, where the Wi-Fi is strong and the horizon is always beckoning.

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1. Remote Year

First up, and quite possibly the godfather of nomadic communities, is Remote Year. Essentially, Remote Year provides a one-year itinerary that takes professionals to 12 different cities around the globe, one month at a time. Now, if you’re wondering about the logistics, rest assured, this isn’t my college road trip where we lived on questionable gas station snacks; Remote Year handles everything from accommodations to co-working spaces. Imagine starting your day with a conference call from a swanky Prague cafe and ending it with a sunset that even your “influencer” cousin can’t do justice. With Remote Year, not only do you get to join a vibrant community of like-minded nomads, but you also receive support for your work-travel balancing act. Check them out at Remote Year for further details.

2. WiFly Nomads

So, you’re curious about the digital nomad life but as clueless as I was when I first attempted to cook a Thanksgiving turkey (pro tip: defrost the turkey first). Enter WiFly Nomads, a community designed to not just give you the nomadic experience, but ensure you thrive in it. They specialize in helping you build your remote career with training and workshops, as well as hosting retreats in exotic locations. Imagine swapping your fluorescent-lit cubicle for a hammock in Bali, all while having experts teach you the ropes of remote work. WiFly Nomads is your gateway to a lifestyle where work and travel don’t just coexist but complement each other. Learn more about their programs at WiFly Nomads.

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3. Unsettled

Trying to mix routine with adventure is like trying to mix oil and water, or in my case, socks with sandals — an unequivocal fashion faux pas. That’s where Unsettled comes in, shaking up the traditional idea of community. Their retreats last anywhere from a week to a month and are spread across various breathtaking destinations. Unsettled provides a blend of structure for productivity and the freedom for spontaneous exploration. Are you itching to write a novel by the beaches of Costa Rica or brainstorm your startup’s next big idea in the heart of Barcelona? Unsettled might just be the catalyst you need. Dive in and unsettle your life at Unsettled.

4. The Nomad Cruise

Now, for those who might be thinking, “But land’s been done to death, give me something with more… buoyancy,” have you ever considered setting sail on the high seas? The Nomad Cruise takes the digital nomad experience to the open ocean, offering conferences, workshops, and networking opportunities aboard a cruise ship. It’s like LinkedIn gone wild — in international waters. With the endless blue all around, the Nomad Cruise is perfect for those who want to mix professional development with the thrill of travel. Plus, there’s something about the ocean breeze that fosters deep connections and learning, or maybe it’s just the motion of the ocean. Either way, you’re in for an adventure. All aboard at The Nomad Cruise.

5. Outsite

Sometimes, the lone wolf inside us all yearns for a quiet corner to retreat to after a day of exploring. Outsite understands this desire for personal space combined with community connection. They offer a network of co-living spaces around the globe, providing the perfect blend of privacy and social interaction. Whether you’re looking to hustle in a co-working space in Lisbon or chill out in a villa in Costa Rica, Outsite lets you book a private room while sharing common spaces with fellow nomads. It’s community living without the need for synchronized bathroom schedules. Now that’s what I call a win-win. Take a peek at Outsite to find your home away from home.

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6. Hacker Paradise

Are you a developer, designer, or entrepreneur looking to feed your wanderlust without sacrificing your productivity? Hacker Paradise could be the answer. Despite what the name might suggest, you don’t need to be a hoodie-wearing, keyboard-warrior to join. Hacker Paradise organizes trips worldwide for tech-savvy individuals who love to travel and collaborate. With a focus on professional growth, they balance work and play like a master yogi. Plus, you’ll find yourself among peers who understand why you’d rather discuss the latest JavaScript framework than the hometown sports team’s performance. Get your geek on at Hacker Paradise.

7. CoWorld

Finally, for those who like their travel experiences with a side of luxury, there’s CoWorld. This community provides high-end accommodations and co-working spaces in some of the world’s most sought-after destinations. Here, you can rub elbows with fellow high-fliers, all while working on your passion projects. CoWorld prides itself on creating an environment that’s as conducive to networking as it is to reclining. After all, just because you’re nomadic doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate the finer things in life. Hmm, decisions, decisions… draft a report or unwind at the rooftop pool? How about a little of column A, a little of column B? Check out the lush options at CoWorld. In conclusion, my fellow globetrotters, the world of nomadic living is as varied as my attempts at international cuisine (let’s not talk about the paella incident). Regardless of where you are in your nomadic journey, there’s a community out there that can make your transition smoother, your adventures richer, and your network wider. So pack your bags, secure your Wi-Fi, and let 2024 be the year you finally satisfy that wanderlust calling. Just don’t forget to bring along a sense of humor and an open heart – those will be your truest companions on the road less traveled. And remember, the best part about joining one of these nomadic communities isn’t just the places you’ll see or the skills you’ll gain; it’s the people you’ll meet along the way. After all, it’s those shared sunsets, co-work sessions, and spontaneous adventures that transform the nomadic lifestyle from a mere series of destinations into a rich tapestry of experiences and memories. Bon voyage, adventurers!

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