Top 5 Nomadic Workouts to Stay Fit on the Road

Traveling full-time or hopping from one destination to another as a digital nomad can be an exhilarating experience. But, as I’ve learned on the road, maintaining a consistent fitness routine amidst ever-changing time zones and unpredictable Wi-Fi requires a bit more creativity than your average gym session. Today, let me be your quirky fitness sherpa, guiding you through the top 5 nomadic workouts designed to keep you toned and sane without the need for heavy equipment—except maybe for that oversized backpack. After all, who needs a dumbbell when you’ve got a bag full of souvenirs, right?

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1. Bodyweight Exercises: The Traveler’s Bread and Butter

Admittedly, I’ve done more squats in hostel dorms than I can count—usually in an attempt to reach the top bunk without waking everyone else up. I-must-not-make-a-sound became my accidental workout mantra. Push-ups, sit-ups, lunges, and planks quickly constituted my go-to routine. These bodyweight exercises are a gem simply because you can do them anywhere—yes, even in that tiny-space-that’s-not-quite-a-room Airbnb accommodation. In moments of despair, when I couldn’t find an open space to do a set of broad jumps, I’d often get creative. Balancing exercises on uneven ground? Check. Suspended push-ups using the edge of a bed? Been there. Let’s not forget the Tricep Dip Saga on various park benches around the globe. The point here is to build an arsenal of moves that require just one thing: your willingness to get a little sweaty wherever you are.

2. Running or Jogging: The Scenic Route to Fitness

Running can seem like a chore, but not when you’re jogging past the Eiffel Tower or along the beaches of Bali. Transitioning from an indoor treadmill to the streets of a new city injects a dose of excitement into the otherwise mundane pant-and-plod activity I used to dread. To all my fellow nomads, let’s face it, running is the ultimate sightseeing pass and a prime way to stay fit. Moreover, it’s a great method to familiarize yourself with your temporary neighborhood. Through my runs, I have stumbled across hidden markets, cozy cafes, and once, accidentally, a very private wedding ceremony—talk about cultural immersion. Make sure to keep an app handy to track your route unless your sense of direction is much better than mine (I once got lost for two hours and only found my way back thanks to a kindly old lady and her surprisingly fast-moving tortoise).

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3. Resistance Bands: The Underestimated Travel Companion

When I discovered resistance bands, it was a bit like finding out that your weird cousin is actually a secret genius. These stretchy miracles are light, versatile, and can level up your workouts significantly. Simply toss them into your bag, and you’ve got an instant gym. I’ve used them for bicep curls, shoulder presses, leg workouts, and even to add a challenge to those room-bound squats I mentioned earlier. Imagine using the resistance band to mimic a kayak motion while gazing at the actual sea. Yes, I did this on a shore in Thailand, and yes, I looked like a confused mime artist. Local beachgoers found it amusing, and a kind soul even clapped. So, not only will resistance bands improve your strength, but they also bring joy to others—it’s a win-win.

4. Yoga: The Universal Language of Limbs

Travel can tie you up in knots, both mentally and physically. Yoga is the perfect tool to unravel those knots. Contrary to my initial belief, yoga isn’t just about twisting into pretzel shapes and whispering ‘om’. It’s a full-body workout that builds strength, flexibility, and peace of mind. Plus, it’s a practice embraced worldwide, which often leads to spectacular opportunities like a sunrise class on a Goan beach or a mountain-top asana session in the Andes. I’ll confess, my first attempt at a headstand was less ‘elevated swan’ and more ‘tumbling turtle’. But the beauty of yoga is it allows you to progress at your own pace. Whether you’re following a YouTube channel in your room or joining a local class, you’ll find that it’s the perfect workout for those who want to stay grounded while airborne from one country to another.

5. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT): Quick and Dirty

The term ‘HIIT’ may sound intimidating, something you’d probably associate with athletes or particularly zealous gym rats. However, I’ve discovered it as my secret weapon for those days when time zones have wrecked my schedule or I need to burn off that extra croissant (or three). HIIT involves short bursts of intense exercise followed by brief rest periods. It can be sprinting full out for 30 seconds, followed by 30 seconds of panting—I mean, resting—then repeating. One particularly memorable session took place at a bustling city square in Marrakech, where my burpees unexpectedly attracted an audience of curious cats and one very persistent pigeon. Slightly embarrassing? Perhaps. Effective for shedding the tagine weight? Most definitely. The best part? A HIIT workout can be as quick as 15 minutes. So, no excuses, fellow nomads, we can all carve out that much time between cafe hopping and landmark spotting.

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Staying fit while on the road doesn’t have to be mind-numbingly dull or impossible to achieve. In fact, as I’ve discovered, it can be quite the adventure—complete with sweat, a handful of amusing mishaps, and a gallery of cats and pigeons as your personal cheer squad. By incorporating bodyweight exercises, running, resistance bands, yoga, and HIIT into your travel routine, you not only keep fit but you also get to interact with your new environment in a unique and memorable way. And there you have it, my fellow wanderlusters—the top 5 nomadic workouts to help you maintain your fitness regime as you trot the globe. Whether it’s becoming a push-up ninja or a turtle-like yogi, remember that fitness on the road is about adaptability, creativity, and, most importantly, having a good laugh at yourself every so often. Now, go and give these workouts a whirl; your body (and that tortoise) will thank you later!

Brian Streimer

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