Building a Career around Travelling the World

Have you ever been in a situation where you heartily longed for travelling to the enchanting beaches of Bali, hiking to the apex of Mount Everest or discovering the mysterious Amazon rainforest while trying to keep up with your demanding 9 to 5 job? If this sounds like something you relate to, then it’s high time you consider building a career around travelling. Imagine a life where the world is your workplace. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Based on my own experience and adventures, let me tell you, it is absolutely feasible! A good number of resourceful and adventurous souls have carved out travel-based careers, living a life full of travel and joy. So, without further ado, let’s embark on this fascinating journey of exploring the world while building a rewarding career.

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Laying the Groundwork

First and foremost, to venture into this ambitious journey, one needs to imbibe a well-structured approach. A structured approach involves a series of gradual steps starting from comprehending what you are passionate about. After all, the ultimate aim is to do what you love while exploring the beauty this world has to offer. For instance, when I started out, I asked myself what truly captivates me. I have always been passionate about photography. Merging it with my love for travel seemed quite the splendid idea and contributing to travel magazines became my personal choice of a travel-based career.

Building Relevant Skills

Moreover, as you would in other professions, to gain credibility and success, you’ll need to build relevant skills. This involves sharpening your skills that are directly connected to your chosen niche. For example, if you decide to become a travel blogger like me, you will need to nurture your writing, story-telling, photography, social networking and digital marketing skills. I remember the time I attended online marketing courses, read several travel books, attended writing workshops and spent numerous hours perfecting my clicking expertise. It was hard work, but totally worth it.

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Gaining Exposure and Networking

Furthermore, gaining exposure by travelling to a variety of places, interacting with locals, absorbing their culture, and witnessing the wonders of the world is crucial. These experiences not only enrich your personal growth but they also equip you with interesting tales to tell. Similarly, building professional relationships is a powerful strategy. I have personally benefited from my interactions with other travel writers, bloggers, tour operators, and even tourism boards. These connections opened me to a plethora of opportunities and made my journey more enriching.

Monetizing your Passion

Eventually, after laying a solid foundation and gaining sufficient exposure, it’s about monetizing your passion. Funding your travels might seem challenging initially, but there can be an assortment of ways to earn money if you are creative. From writing blogs, selling photographs, becoming a travel agent to teaching English abroad, there are numerous ways to fund your travels . I recall those initial years when I juggled several roles. I was a travel writer by day, a freelance photographer by evening and a digital marketing consultant by night.

Staying Perseverant

Finally, the most inevitable aspect of this journey is perseverance. Building a career around travelling the world is not an overnight task. There would be inevitable obstacles and unexpected challenges along the way, particularly in these ever-changing pandemic times. But persistence pays off. Learn to adapt, keep an open mind and always retain your enthusiasm. In conclusion, building a career around travelling the world is not just about constant vacations. It’s a lifestyle choice that requires hard work, dedication and an undying passion for travel. But with the right mindset and perseverance, it is entirely achievable. Remember, the world is big, beautiful and waiting for you to explore it. I did it and so can you. So why wait? Pack your bags, take that leap and embrace the joy of working on the go!

Jon Mullen

Greetings! I'm Jon, a digital nomad and storyteller on a perpetual quest for discovery. Originating from Chicago, Illinois, I fuse technology with my wanderlust, chronicling the highs, lows, and everything in between on this thrilling journey. Dive into my blog for insights, tips, and a front-row seat to the nomadic adventure!