10 Coolest Coworking Spaces Around the World

Let’s be honest, the idea of coworking spaces used to conjure images of cramped, coffee-stained tables with dodgy Wi-Fi connections. However, my oh my, how things have changed. Coworking has evolved into an art form, blending design, technology, and community into an alchemist’s pot of productivity. I’ve been on the hunt – as if I was tracking down the Holy Grail of office spaces – to find the coolest coworking spots our world has to offer. So, without further ado, here are the top 10 coworking spaces that will make you want to pack up your laptop and embark on your workspace pilgrimage. And trust me, the Wi-Fi is far from dodgy.

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1. Ministry of New, Mumbai, India

You’d think that a place called Ministry of New would be some governmental agency, but ironically, this is as far from bureaucratic as you can get. Nestled in the bustling heart of Mumbai, there’s a sanctuary for designers, entrepreneurs, and innovators. With lush indoor plants and high ceilings, it’s more like walking into a zen paradise than an office. The natural light peering through the colonial windows will make you wonder why you ever settled for dingy fluorescent bulbs. I mean, you can practically feel your creativity levels skyrocketing – they’ve cracked the code.

2. WeWork Weihai Lu, Shanghai, China

Next stop, Shanghai! The WeWork in Weihai Lu is located in a historic building that used to be an opium factory (talk about a space with a past!). Now it’s producing productivity highs you don’t need to smuggle. WeWork has preserved the original brick walls and added some modern flair. The balance of history and hip design is seamless. The community bar, where strangers become collaborators, is the epicenter of innovation and probably a good spot for an impromptu karaoke session. Because why not?

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3. Impact Hub, Multiple Locations

Impact Hub is like the McDonald’s of coworking spaces — hear me out — it’s globally recognized, and its widespread influence is undeniable. Except here, the only things super-sized are ideas and initiatives. The Impact Hub has an ambitious goal: to support entrepreneurial ventures with a positive impact on society. I stumbled into one in Guatemala and left feeling like I could win a Nobel Peace Prize. The work atmosphere perfectly combines community vibes with a professional hustle.

4. The Surf Office, Multiple Locations

Yes, you read that right — The Surf Office. It’s exactly what you’re imagining. Surf, work, sleep, repeat. If you ever heard someone say, “Just follow the waves, man,” they were probably talking about this place. I hit the one in Gran Canaria, and besides nearly drowning (note to self: stick to coworking), the idea of catching waves during your lunch break is staggeringly cool. Plus, the evening barbecues and communal dinners? A recipe for collaboration with a side of beach vibes.

5. Second Home, London, UK

Second Home couldn’t be a more fitting name because, trust me, you won’t want to leave. This East London gem is a biophilic dream with over 1,000 plants oxygenating your ideas until they can virtually levitate. The architecture is stunningly futuristic and comes with a helping of serendipitous interaction designed into the floor plan. The transparent curved walls not only promote an open culture but also could potentially lead to a few comical mishaps — ever walked into a glass door while texting? I plead the fifth.

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6. Hubud, Bali, Indonesia

Onward to Bali, where coworking meets an Eat, Pray, Love lifestyle. Hubud is short for “Hub in Ubud,” but it might as well stand for “Hub of Unbelievable Dreams.” Bamboo architecture and an open-air workspace in the middle of a rice paddy? Moreover, a community that’s so supportive, they’ll probably cheer you on if you decide to start a business selling eco-friendly flip-flops. And let’s not forget the monkeys that occasionally pop by. Just guard your snacks – those little thieves are everywhere and apparently, just as much into networking as we are.

7. Factoria Cultural, Madrid, Spain

After calmer shores, it was time for the fiery spirit of Spain. Factoria Cultural in Madrid is a unique hub for the creative industries, located in an old boiler room (so, yes, ideas here come with a full head of steam). It’s teeming with artists, designers, and photographers, and you can feel the collaborative energy. The industrial aesthetic, with its metal beams and tall ceilings, is like catnip for creative souls. Here, bouncing ideas off each other is the norm, often followed by a bouncing night out in the city — because balance.

8. A/D/O by Mini, Brooklyn, New York

Because of course, Brooklyn has a cool coworking space – it’s almost mandated. A/D/O in Greenpoint takes the cake, though. Built by the car brand Mini as part of their innovation lab, it’s a space where automotive design meets freelance lifestyle. You’d think cars would dominate the theme, but the vibe is surprisingly minimalist and sleek, conducive to clear-headed thought. They’ve really driven home (pun intended) the idea of a workspace that fuels (I can’t stop) artistic and professional ambitions.

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9. The Assembly, San Francisco, California

The City by the Bay isn’t just home to the Golden Gate Bridge; it also houses The Assembly, a coworking space that doubles as a wellness club. Now, who wouldn’t like a side of yoga with their business plan? It’s like a fitness center decided to adopt a pack of MacBooks – and it works. The space is stunning, with natural wood and airy spaces, and they’ve got a ‘No Burnout’ policy, which frankly, sounds like my new life mantra. Plus, with the added wellness angle, your networking might just include finding a gym buddy.

10. KAPTÁR, Budapest, Hungary

Finally, KAPTÁR in Budapest, Hungary. The name means ‘beehive’, and that’s the exact buzz you get here. Located near the iconic Andrassy Avenue, it’s a hive of activity for local and traveling professionals alike. My favorite thing? The community lunch table – it’s like reliving your college cafeteria days without the mystery meat. You’re just as likely to find yourself discussing philosophy over a cup of ‘Joe’ as you are to be closing your next big deal. Talk about a place that sticks with you – sort of like Hungarian goulash! From India to San Francisco, the world is brimming with coworking spaces that are so much more than just places to work. They’re communities, they’re retreats from the mundane, and they’re a testament to how our environment can inspire us to do great things. If you’ve ever felt like a nomad in search of an office, these are the oases in the desert of traditional workspaces. So, the next time you find yourself wandering with your laptop, yearning for something more than your local café can offer, remember this list. Because somewhere out there, a cozy desk and a global family await. And remember, if all else fails, there’s always the trusty local library. Just kidding – aim for a place with a beer tap. Happy coworking!

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