Stay Connected as a Digital Nomad in Remote Places

One of the most enticing aspects of being a digital nomad is the ability to work from virtually anywhere in the world. Imagine sipping coconut water by a beach in Bali as you tackle your work or catching a glimpse of the Northern Lights in between Zoom calls from an igloo in Finland. Sounds dreamy, eh? However, as someone who’s been on this path for over five years now, I can tell you that every coin has two sides. For all its perks, the digital nomad lifestyle also comes with a handful of challenges – staying seamlessly connected being a primary one.

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Never Underestimate the Power of a Strong Internet Connection

Think about this – I was in a remote mountain village in Nepal, with the most splendid views you can imagine. But amid that serenity, I was frequently scrambling to find a stable internet connection. I realized then how crucial it is for digital nomads, like myself, to strike a balance between the desire for isolation and the necessity for reliable internet connectivity. In celebration of those lessons learned, I’m going to share some valuable tips and tricks on how to stay connected even in the world’s most remote places.

Carry a Reliable, Unlocked Cellular Device

It may sound obvious, but don’t take your connectivity for granted! A good, unlocked cellular device is your passport to the internet world. Invest in a device that is known for its robust Wi-fi and cellular connection capabilities. I remember once when my older model phone just couldn’t catch a signal in rural Mongolia while my friend’s newer and more capable device did the job brilliantly. This experience taught me never to compromise on tools that facilitate my connectivity.

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Purchase Local SIM Cards

Leaning on roaming data usually leads to exorbitant costs and unreliable connectivity. Instead, buying a local SIM card can be a lifesaver. Before you reach your destination, research online about the best and most cost-effective local SIM cards. I remember when I was in Thailand I used a local SIM card from Dtac and it worked fantastically, even in remote islands!

Portable Wi-Fi Devices and Data Plans

A portable Wi-Fi device, often called a ‘MiFi’, can be an ace up your sleeve. These devices offer a surprisingly reliable internet connection when network signals are tricky. Do remember that purchasing a robust data plan is as essential as the device itself. I’ve had great experiences with the portable Wi-Fi from Nommi.

Use Internet Speed Test Apps

To gauge the quality of your connection, use an internet speed test application. These apps provide data about your download speed, upload speed, and network latency, helping you avoid zones with weak connectivity. A great tool I’ve used over the years is Speedtest by Ookla.

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Strategically Choose Your Accommodation

Your desire to stay in remote locations doesn’t mean you have to compromise connectivity. Select accommodation that guarantees a reliable internet connection. Working with a view of the Himalayas was incredibly rewarding when I found accommodation in a small, boutique hotel with dedicated high-speed internet!

Download content for Offline Use

Be proactive and download materials you know you will need later. Whether it’s eBooks, educational videos, podcasts, maps, or music playlists, having them accessible offline can make a world of difference if you lose internet connectivity.

Backup, Backup, Backup

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, always backup your data. In case you lose internet, having backups can be a lifesaver. During my stint in the Australian Outback, an unexpected network outage once cost me hours of work. Lesson learned – always backup! Being a digital nomad can be incredibly rewarding. Yet, the need for a stable internet becomes your lifeline to the rest of the world. In conclusion, equipped with these tips, I believe you can tackle the world’s most remote locations, while seamlessly staying digitally connected!

Jon Mullen

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